The Influence of Instagram Power Likes in 2019

Power likes have been around since the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook in 2012. It is the driving force behind the concept of going viral. Meaning: gaining massive exposure that exceeds your base following. We have seen a diminishing effect on growing your followers and getting exposure in general the last 18 months with Instagram. It’s becoming harder by the day to grow your following and where you used to get 250 likes, you’re now stuck with less than 150 likes. In this blog post we’re going to have a closer look at power likes and it’s influence on Instagram’s algorithm in 2019.

What are Instagram Power Likes?

The term Power Likes refers to Instagram influencers liking your posts. The algorithm considers an influencer someone with over 10.000 Instagram followers. This also enables automatically the Swipe-Up module for Stories to share URL’s.
Instagram’s algorithm allocates numerical values (source: Hackernoon)  to different categories to determine how much exposure a posts will receive. A power like has a high value because the algorithm regards it as an authority. “If this influencer likes the post, probably many other people will like the post as well”, reasons the algorithm. Bringing more exposure to the post by getting it on the Discovery Page and boosting it up to the top of Hashtags (this is way it’s important to use hashtags!).

Another huge benefit that power likes brings is the fact that the followers of the influencer can see that their ‘idol’ likes your post. Just like you can see which posts your friends are liking, the same is true for the followers of those influencers. Increasing the engagement because those followers will more easily click on your post and possibly like it also! This is called the network-effect.

Growth graph using Instagram Power Likes

Power likes is the driving force behind a lot of influencers that the world had never heard about one to three years ago. It’s also the reason why so many people wonder why that one page seems to keep growing it’s following by huge numbers everyday. While you both post the same type of content and started out together at the same time.

Are power likes still effective in 2019?

Like we said in the intro, there is a diminishing return on the effect of power likes and exposure in general in the last 18 months. It’s unfortunate, but today’s reality. 
Luckily it’s still effective, you just need to get more power likes! And you need to understand how to use it.

Discovery Page
It used to be that power likes would boost your posts to the Discovery Page. The most powerful stage to get massive exposure. It still happens but is becoming more difficult by the day.

Instagram Discovery Page & Hashtags


We know that most people hate to hear anything about hashtags. However, it’s back and more powerful than ever! With it’s latest upgrade it shows now automatically it’s most popular posts and not recent posts.
If you use medium-level hashtags (meaning: no hashtags that have been used millions of times) with power likes you’ll have very high chances to be displayed amongst those popular posts. Expanding your exposure significant.
That’s the key for using power likes effectively in 2019!

The problem with engagement groups.

There’s one question left unanswered, how do you get power likes? More explicitly, how do you get a lot of power likes? The traditional way is by getting into engagement groups (read The Frisky for more info). Those are Instagram DM groups with many influencers that like each other pictures.
But how do you get into such an engagement group?

The influencer engagement group paradox!
The problem with getting into those engagement groups is that you need to be an influencer. You won’t get into it with only 2.500 followers. With most groups you need to have at least 10.000 followers. To receive even the more powerful power likes from the influencers with +100K followers you indeed need to have 100K followers yourself.
That’s the so called influencer engagement group paradox!

Buy Instagram Power Likes!
The secret solution to fighting the paradox is by buying Instagram power likes. You probably don’t know it but there’s a high chance that your favorite influencers have bought in the past or is still buying power likes. Unless his name is Jay Alvarrez or hers is Kendall Jenner, most of the known influencers of today have bought power likes.
We at The Royal Key sell Instagram Power Likes. You receive the likes automatically within 60 minutes of you posting for the duration of your plan. You can choose between one and twelve months.
The Power Likes you’ll receive are from influencers with between 10.000 and 500.000 followers! It’s truly powerful and will bring your Instagram game to the next level!
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  • Instagram’s algorithm is terrible! I really don’t understand why they changed it?!
    I’ve heard from multiple people about powerlikes and it’s positive effect.

  • What if I want 500 plus likes can I buy that?

  • Is it possible to test the Power Likes?

    Erick P.
  • Interesting read!
    The organic reach has indeed declined on Instagram. I guess it’s because Mark Zuckerberg wants to force companies to buy ads on Insta.


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